As an Associate Members of the British Horological Institute we comply with their conditions of conduct which can be found by going to their website page at:                       


It is a condition of us accepting any item for repair, servicing, renovation or cleaning that it is the customers sole responsibility to ensure that the item is delivered to us safely. We take no resonsibility whatsoever for any loss or damage to any item occurring in transit. We will Insure any package that is leaving our workshop to be returned to a customer, whether the item has been repaired or not, and the cost of this will be met by the customer.

We endeavour to complete all work in the shortest possible time, however we cannot be held responsible for delays that occur in obtaining spare parts from manufacturers or their agents. The speed at which we can complete a job will also depend on our work-load at the time. Customers who require a job to be completed very quickly should contact us in advance advising us of their requirements and we will let them know if we can meet their time scale. We will make every effort to carry out a customer's wishes with regard to any timepiece that we have in for repair but we shall not be liable in any way in the event that a particular item is found to be beyond economic repair or that it requires spare parts that are no longer available, in which case the item will be returned to the customer un-repaired at the customer's own expense. Where spare parts are no longer available it may be possible for us to manufacture the part that is required, however the price for this will be quoted on an individual basis as will the timescale for completing the job.

All estimates, repairs, renovation work, cleaning or servicing must be paid for in full before an item is eligible to be returned to a customer.
Items that have not been paid for in full after a 6 month period has lapsed following us completing any work on them will be sold to offset our costs.  We will accept payment by personal cheque, company cheque, direct bank transfer, money order or by postal orders.

An invoice will not be deemed to have been paid until the funds have been cleared at our Bank

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